5 Benefits of regular car washing

Occasionally it’s obvious when it’s time to clean your vehicle, like when someone scrawls “wash me” on the muddy window. Waiting until you can’t tell your vehicle’s original color isn’t the stylish strategy, however.

 It may feel like a carwash is just a temporary thing, but there are long-lasting benefits to regularly washing your vehicle.

The advantages of regularly washing your vehicle go far beyond ornamental appeal. Now’s a great time to make car washing part of your vehicle’s routine conservation, not just an afterthought. When you invest in regular car cleaning, you can

  1. Get your money’s worth. While a fast outside wash is a good starting point, adding more options will add extra protection to your vehicle. A ceramic coat helps protect the vehicle’s paint from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun, moisture, and oxidation that fade paint. A ceramic coat also helps manage micro scratches. If you drive on gravel or cobble roads you definitely need some form of paint protection. Never forget the wheels, no matter what types of roads you drive on. A tire shine scrub removes brake dust.
  2. Preserve the value of your vehicle. Almost everyone plans to trade or sell their vehicle at some point. If you check vehicle valuation sites there is easily at least a 15% difference in an above-average-condition vehicle ranking versus fair or poor condition. Keeping your pride and joy clean and shiny with regular car detailing and washing is an investment for the future. Regular carwashes protect your vehicle from grime, mud, bird droppings, and other corrosive debris that can lead to rust, faded paint, and huge headaches. No matter how new your vehicle is, it’s never too early to start preparing for the future and investing in regular car maintenance. People are really doubtful to buy a vehicle that looks run down.
  3. Add to your safety. You do not want to drive a car with dirty windows, do you? Windows along with mirrors, lights, and tires are one of the most important features in your car because your safety depends on them. Regular washes prevent you from having dirty windows and mirrors. It will also clear your tires of debris. A must for driving at night or in inclement weather is the maximum illumination from your headlights. Regular car washing will help your lights be clear and crisp. All this ensures a much safer trip for you or your passengers.
  4. Longer lifespan of your vehicle. Carwashing will help you keep your vehicle for a long time. While different factors impact the longevity of a car, one of the most important and often overlooked factors is the maintenance of the owner. You should always take into account the local conditions. Some parts of the country have issues with acid rain or snow, while others deal with the saltwater effects of the ocean. Pollen, insects and extreme heat can also be huge problems in some parts of the country. All this does take a toll on a vehicle if they aren’t maintained properly. Paint will last much longer and look like new when it’s cleaned and protected regularly. Wax and clear coats will help you get that brand new shine.
  5. Peace of mind. A clean car also offers peace of mind. It’s surprising how a clean vehicle can affect your mood and make you feel good. A clean vehicle gives you a serotonin boost, which makes you feel a lot better.

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