Damaged car paint

Do you consider your car to be more than just a vehicle and want its vision to attract everyone’s attention on the road? You take care of him on a daily basis, but its appearance is not as fresh as you would like? Its paint is far from shiny, and the varnish is peeling which makes it look older and unmaintained?

What are the causes for peeling paint on the car?

The exterior of the car is constantly exposed to external influences, which is why the exterior car surface needs more frequent care and more attention than the interior. Especially if the paint on your car has been applied for a long time, or it was of poor quality, the probability of falling and forming unpleasant stains is high.

Sun exposure is one of the main causes of polish cracking. High temperatures and stronger UV rays literally burn the car’s paintwork, causing it to peel. But too low temperatures are also dangerous, and during the cold and snowy weather, the roads are sprinkled with a lot of detergents and salt, which further complicates the situation. It is therefore advisable to keep the car in a garage during the winter.

Another factor that causes peeling paint on the car is too frequent washing. The constant rubbing of the surface of the car with various rough brushes and the strong jet of the water jet in the car washes can easily remove the paintwork, especially if more time has passed since the last painting. Detergents with poor and sharp chemical composition are usually also too aggressive, which makes them a major cause of peeling varnish. Bird droppings, wood resins, as well as any preparations in the air, also contain acids that can easily corrode paint or varnish. Another major cause of peeling car varnish of natural origin is acid rain.

Why peeling paint harms the car

The main places where peeling paint appears on the car are the hood, ceiling, and side mirrors. The color of the bumper may also look more insatiable, which is a sign of the same problem. However, these are the parts of the car that are most exposed to sunlight, wind, and all sorts of external factors. That’s why they wear out the fastest. But it is possible for the varnish to crack and fall in any place

The purpose of the car varnish is actually to protect the underlying layer of paint. And when the varnish is gone, all the above factors begin to harm and interact directly with the paint. Therefore, its absence is not only a problem from an aesthetic point of view.

Of course, peeling and cracking cause an unpleasant appearance to the vehicle, but the worst thing is that all damages, scratches, and other harmful factors directly destroy the paint. However, the purpose of the varnish is to make the car look shiny while protecting the painted surface. And this function cannot be performed when the polish is peeled. When there is no varnish, contaminants can easily get directly to the metal, which can even lead to rust and corrosion. 

How to prevent the peeling of paint on the car

Fallen paint stains can be very unpleasant, especially in newer cars. If your car is older, the depreciation process is completely normal. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to reduce its prevalence. As soon as you start noticing that your car’s varnish is flaking, it’s a good idea to take timely action to slow down the problem.

Do not leave your car too much in the sun, because high temperatures will only make the situation worse. When washing it, use a sponge, preferably a “glove” type, and do not rub too much with coarse materials. Water temperature is also important, so do not use ice or hot water. Also, do not bring the water jet too close to the surface, because it is very strong. Be careful with what detergents you use. One of the most harmful preparations for varnish is the soap for dishes. In a few months, you can apply wax to keep the varnish coating.

A specialized service can always help you with a problem with falling polish. However, it is important to take care of your car before the problem occurs so as to prevent and delay the occurrence of this process.

Peeled car paint is a common minor problem, but it can grow quickly. As it makes a big impression, it can quickly ruin the overall look of the car. Therefore, it is important to take measures before the process is already in place to avoid unnecessary headaches. And the easiest and most affordable option is to apply a protective film for car paint!

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