How to clean the outside of your car part 2

In the last part, we taught you how to pre-wash your car and clean your rims. We reached the issue of removing the sticky flies off your vehicle. 

If they are not removed in time, within 24 hours there will be permanent traces in the form of stains and shadows on the varnish. When you consider that the vulnerable details are the front cover, front bumper, fenders, headlights, grille, and top of the ceiling, you will realize that these small pests that cling to hundreds per minute destroy your car. The solution is a specialized product – Bug remover. Its specific formula softens and breaks down the sticky bastards. Just spray, wait 3-5 minutes and rinse. In case of unsatisfactory results from the first time, repeat.

Step 4 – remove asphalt and resins. These are terrible, sticky, and stubborn dirt.

Spray the specific problem area locally with the product. Wait a few minutes and you will see how the asphalt, for example, literally spills. Wash off with water. If it does not disappear completely the first time, repeat and lightly tap the dirt with the corner of the sponge. The effect is guaranteed!

Step 5 – the main wash.

When choosing a shampoo, it is very important to consider the condition of the paint surface and how dirty the car is.

Foam-free, greasy shampoos are great for cleaner cars. The back of the glove slides easily on the surface and the chance of damaging the nail polish is very small.

Shampoo that nourishes the coatings. This is a relatively new unit in shampoos, inspired by the recently used ceramic and quartz coatings. The ceramic coating is actually connected in a certain way in the form of lattice molecules. The more firmly attached they are, the more durable the coating. With a nourishing shampoo that thoroughly nourishes, you actually fill in the gaps between the molecules of the coating and thus strengthen it. You have probably heard that ceramic coatings have different durations and it depends on how they are maintained. Here’s what you mean! If you have applied sealant or ceramic coating, we advise you to use such shampoo.

Whichever you choose, it is important that it is manufactured by a reputable brand and that the pH is balanced so that there is no chance of damaging the varnish.

Now rinse thoroughly… the more, the better.

You are ready to dry!

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