What are the benefits of ceramic coating for cars

If for you the car is more than just a vehicle and you take great care of its appearance, you are probably wondering how you can most reliably maintain its condition and make it look as if it has just left the factory. . This would be impossible without proper detailing services, as vehicles are constantly exposed to environmental factors that worsen their condition.

An option that attracts an increasing number of car owners is the placement of a special ceramic coating on the surface of the car, which protects it from harmful external influences. This nanocoating is the preferred choice to the greatest extent in newer and leased cars, because when it is applied qualitatively and professionally, it fully preserves the condition of the factory paint. It is possible and completely justified to put a ceramic coating on tuning cars, as well as on those with collectors or emotional value.

In today’s article, we will explain in detail what is a ceramic coating for a car, its main advantages, and why it is worth investing in car details. Stay with us to learn everything you need about this popular option for protecting the exterior and interior of the car!

What is a ceramic car coating

After a while, even brand new cars fall victim to environmental influences – oxidation, pollution, scratches, sun exposure, which are just some of the reasons for the deterioration of the appearance of the new car. Ceramic car coating, also called nano-ceramic coating, is a service (detailing), which consists in applying a special chemical polymer solution, usually based on quartz, silicon, or Teflon, on almost all components of the car – paint, chrome parts, dashboard, and upholstery. Its function is to protect the body and interior of the car from wear and pollution. After application, the ceramic coating hardens, forming a thin protective layer, only 9 microns thick.

How ceramic coating works for cars

The nano-ceramic coating is used to protect other surfaces and vehicles from various industries, not only in the automotive industry. After application, the water from the solution evaporates, hardens, and forms a protective layer. Ceramic coating is so popular because it acts as a shield against harmful external influences, and dust and water cannot be retained on it. It is possible to apply several coats for better effect, but it is believed that only two are enough and that each one is completely hopeless because it is absorbed in the bottom.

Due to its chemical properties, the solution cannot disintegrate due to rain or strong sun, but maintenance is required once a year. The nanocoating repels water, which makes cleaning the car surface and washing away unpleasant contaminants much easier. Ceramic coating, along with wax and varnish, is a product for detailing, which, however, provides better protection and shine from them.

Benefits of ceramic coating

Shine– Thanks to the ceramic coating, when applied by experienced professionals, the factory gloss of the car is largely restored and sealed by the chemical solution for a longer time;

Water repellency – In the presence of nanocoating it is much easier to wash away all water-based contaminants, as water can not stay on it. It creates a hydrophobic surface and it is usually enough to just rinse the car to clean it. In addition, paints and sprays cannot be retained on them, which would protect your valuable vehicle from intruders and hooligans. The ceramic coating greatly facilitates maintenance;

Protection of the rims from extreme conditions;

Protection against oxidation – Ceramic coating protects the surface of the car from bird droppings, chemical compounds, acid rain and oxidation in general, insects and other corrosive substances and varnish and paint;

UV protection – If you have a ceramic coating, you do not need to look for a place to park in the shade or in a garage and worry about leaving your car in the sun! The outer layer of the car is also protected from direct heating by increasing UV rays and prevents the risk of color fading;

Protection against contaminants – Ceramic coating for cars is a good solution against many pollutants, especially in large cities, which would be destructive to the surface of the car.

In general ceramic car coating is a service that can restore the shine of your car, keep it longer and make it easier for you, providing you with easier maintenance of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. If you are worried that the appearance of your car is not very good, it’s time to think about whether you do not need this service! Contact us now to save a lot of time and effort, while protecting and improving the look of your car!

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